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We provide all kinds of construction and building services and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take challenges and bring them to a conclusion.

Sollevamento Cose
Le macchine sollevamento cose sono attrezzature generalmente dotate di funi e gancio.
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Sollevamento Persone
You will have a meeting with one of our consultants and discuss all the details regarding your future project. He will answer all your questions you the future steps.
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Gruppo GVR
Whatever you need to reconstruct in your house, our experts will develop a plan with the best options and do all the project and to do reconstruction itself.
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Verifiche Impianti
Our team will project manage your renovation and remodeling projects from start to finish, so you can relax and do something far more your weekends instead! You will have no worries while we are working on your project.
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Verifiche Ascensori
Any of your fresh ideas can be implemented in your house by our super-professional interior designers. They create space for you to live comfortably.
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Verifica Ventennale
Le verifiche supplementari ventennali sono obbligatorie per tutte le attrezzature che hanno un ciclo di vita superiore a 20 anni e sono finalizzate al calcolo del ciclo di vita residuo. Questa verifica è propedeutica alle successive verifiche periodiche che non possono essere effettuate senza tale indagine.
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Mary Karter Manager

Working with Buildwall is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. I am completely satisfied with…

Adam Smith Accountant

Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself. Buildwall is a team of like-minded people…

Tom Ford Manager

I selected Buildwall among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. Their reputation is on the highest level and…

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